Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nightmare or Dream?   

So here I am back writing my Manilow Blog.  Does anyone care?  That is a question I really don’t know how to answer.  I backed on off this blog for a few reasons; some personal and some because I didn't care for the direction this blog seemed headed.  Negativity and truth are not necessarily the same thing. I was writing too many negative things that while true just plain made me feel bad writing them. Of course if you look at the title of this blog post, I’m sure you wonder if I am double talking. No. If you read further you’ll see that my feelings about Barry’s latest CD has no negativity about the body of work. The issue is how I feel about the concept.

Now you’re thinking a review of My Dream Duets is coming. Nope. I can’t review the CD because I haven’t listened to it or purchased it. By choice. I did watch Barry on QVC when he sang cuts from the Dream Duets CD. My husband was even surprised when he liked Barry’s version of “Wonderful World.” My husband loves Louis Armstrong and he had his doubts about the song working as a duet.  It’s nothing personal about Barry’s performance or anything like that. It’s the concept. I don’t like live artists singing with dead people no matter who does it. I didn't care for any of the people who have sung with Elvis and most of you know how much I love Elvis. I didn't even like the songs Lisa Marie Presley recorded with her dad. It’s just weird to me.

Technology is a wonderful thing. I enjoy the benefits and am amazed by it most every day.  Just some this particular technology doesn't work for me. The concept of the Dream Duets presents the technology in the best way, I’m sure. I have read various discussions about why people like or don’t like the CD. That’s fine. I have no problem with how anyone feels about Dream Duets. I will admit I was happy to hear Barry has not made it a regular part of the earlier shows on this tour but has been doing a song off the CD recently. By June when I go to see the show he maybe be including more songs from the Dreams CD. I’m sure Barry does a great job with the live performances of these songs, as he does with all the material he performs.  I wouldn't leave to go get a coke or anything if Barry does a Dream Duets song. (Then I’d have to leave again to hit the restroom.) Who knows? Barry just might win me over, curing me of my dislike of live and dead folks singing together.  That is the way I became a fan in the first place - seeing Barry perform live.

Keeping with my positive theme, maybe Barry will do a song off My Dream Duets during the Charlotte concert that will be life changing for me. So wonderful that I will run, not walk, out into the concourse to buy the CD. Right then. Not even wait until the show is over. Personally, I doubt it happening, I don’t run anywhere any more, but who knows? Stranger things have happened. If it does, you guys will be the first to know; right here on my blog. Now I ask you, what better reason could you have to keep reading this blog? To see if “It’s A Miracle” is more than just a song one summer evening in June.

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