Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good-Bye Manilow Network

I got suspended from My Manilow Network. Don’t know why. Since the only items on my page over there were a link to my blog, I would guess that is the reason. Probably I will never know why. The blog is not on the Manilow Network itself; I never could get the folks over there to understand that, because I did not want it pulled by the administrators over on the network. I’m not a fan of their idea of free expression.

To be honest, I lasted longer over there than I thought I would. Why anyone would care enough about my views on the Manilow world to complain about me is beyond reasoning. Since I don’t always follow the party line, so to speak, I guess that’s the reason for my demise on MMN. Not that I really mind. Bullies are not my favorite people to hang with.

The joke is really on the folks over on the network. My suspension doesn’t affect my blog. It is still doing business at the same old places’ over on blogspot at and on Facebook at Sue’s Manilow Blog. Come visit. Read all the vile things (LOL) that got me suspended from MMN.

Just for good measure, I dropped a note to the administrator of MMN. In my note I asked why I was booted and could I get a refund on my BMIFC dues since I assumed being a member of MMN was included when I paid. Don’t think I’ll ever hear back from them but what the heck? It’s not like I have anything to lose. 

Being suspended does not change my feelings about Barry Manilow. He is still the same talented, kind, generous man I have always known him to be. Nothing could change that. Now I have one less place to check on the Internet every couple of weeks. Good-bye Manilow Network. I won’t miss you.