Thursday, April 16, 2015

Barry’s Private Life Spilled?             


The last couple of weeks have been a very interesting time to be a Manilow fan.  The Internet has been buzzing about the story that appeared in The National Enquirer about a ceremony between Barry and his manager Garry. This ceremony, which took place last April, has been described as a marriage ceremony with no paper work filed and as a commitment ceremony. According to the story this ceremony was so private that the guests were told they were going to a luncheon finding it was a ceremony on arrival. Unlike most stories the National Enquirer prints, mainstream news picked up the story adding their own sources and details. Fan boards got right down to business with “discussions” to put it nicely, on the truth of the story. Especially considering the source.

Barry’s private life has always been of great interest to fans. He has chosen to live out of the spotlight when not performing or promoting a project. That just makes Barry more alluring and mysterious.  Fans range in varying degrees of the respecting his private life from what I see but then I’m not on every Internet site or fan group. Heck, I got booted from My Manilow Network for some unknown reason.  So I don’t know if some people go to Barry’s house every week to catch a glimpse him. I've read that happens.  The press story claims that Barry and Garry are wearing matching rings and that Barry has been wearing his ring onstage.  This discussion has been going on for years whenever Barry has worn any kind of ring in public.  From the pictures I've seen this ring does look different from ones I've seen in the past.  However, being that I only see Barry in concert about every two or three years, it’s not like I would know about his ring wearing habits. (But I did see a photo of him wearing his bracelets for vertigo. I know what they are. I use them myself.)

Mostly the belief or disbelief of this story depends a lot on what a person believed about Barry’s private life before the story broke. The majority of the people on the Internet that believe the story have been overwhelming positive and supportive of Barry and Garry. Some people who are skeptical of the resource of the story are sitting on the fence waiting for word from the Manilow camp. One group doesn't believe the story at all. Isn't that how it always has been in the Manilow world? It has been the whole time I've been here. Of course all sort of people are weighing in on how the story should be handled by Barry’s people.  It’s easy for people who aren't personally involved in the situation to give advice.  I think Barry and especially Garry are intelligent enough to figure out to handle the situation in the way that seems best for them. After all, couple or not, it’s their lives being affected. No one else’s.

Only one thing concerns me about The National Enquirer story, as well as other stories that have popped up.  This is the mention of Barry’s health. Failing health has been reported as a reason for the ceremony. Barry’s health. I hope that is not true. It is generally thought that because Barry is on tour that means his health is fine. This I hope is true. To me, Barry looks like a strong wind could blow him away but I've always felt Barry has a deep inter-strength. A determination and drive that pushes him beyond the physical.  I just don’t want Barry to push too hard.  I want for Barry what I want for everyone, to be loved, happy, and healthy. Nothing else matters. 

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