Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Barry Manilow: On and Off

A couple of weeks ago Barry went to a listening party for Whitney Houston’s new CD in LA. Photos were snapped which got fans talking. Then last week, an article appeared in the Yamaha 360 magazine about Barry. Some very nice pictures accompanied this article but these pictures didn’t generate nearly as much conversation. Why was that?

The pictures taken at the listening party showed a more causal Barry. He didn’t look as put together as he did for the photo shoot done for the magazine article. Photo shoots are planned, like a show. Hair, make-up, clothes, the whole nine yards. Barry appeared in those pictures just as he would if you attended a show in Vegas. Probably a lot of pictures were taken during the photo shoot with only the best being used in the article. Not so with the listening party photos.

Caught on his way in or out, you can’t really tell, Barry looks like a mature man going out after work. No make-up, fancy hair, or show clothes. His appeared tired and pale. This is what caused the talk. Some fans like the natural look and some worried Barry was ill. These feelings were expressed in comments that appeared on the TMZ page with Barry’s picture. (I don’t put much stock in the cancer comment posted under the name of a former family member of Barry’s manager/employee. This same person sued and settled with his former father-in-law. I’m sure there was some kind of confidentially agreement involved in all that.) Most old time fans were very familiar with how Barry looked; they had seen it for years when he was on the road. Tired always shows on Barry’s face.

The two sets of photos illustrate the difference between Barry’s private and public life. Like the photos, the Barry seen onstage is not the same person his family and friends know in his private life. It’s nice when fans get a glimpse at the causal Barry and without invading his private time. I know some fans have a problem with the tabloid press, like TMZ, where the picture of Barry appeared. Attending an event like this listening party, Barry, or any other celebrity, knew that their presence was wanted to attract media attention. I would have a problem if I saw photos taken by someone of Barry in his backyard or photos taken with a telephoto lens of him; say out shopping, without his knowledge. Barry went to this listening party knowing the paparazzi would be there. He chose how to look. I applaud his choice. It shows a comfort with yourself to appear so causally. Thank you, Barry.


you begin again.... said...

Nice post, Sue, and ditto from me.
I'm not that secure to have my picture taken without makeup or my hair done most times. Unless it's for the private family stash where it won't see the light of day. ;-) I didn't bother commenting on the photos. It's Barry - got it. Now, if Barry shines a mooner off his back porch when the stalkerazzis are lurking around, that I might say something about. But a casual night out photo - nah, that's how we all look after work. 8^D

Dawn Bushman said...

Thank you, Barry, and thank you, Sue.

A Real Barry Fan said...

I liked the photos, I didn't think he looked ill or anything. He looked like himself without the pound of orange pancake makeup. I like the natural look. Had he been smiling, no one would've said boo. Everyone thinks that if he looks tired that he must be dying. Jeeesh.

you begin again.... said...

Besides, if you think HE looks tired, you should see how I look these days. With a 4-week old. That doesn't sleep at night.


Jill said...

I say let the man be. He has a life and a business. He has to go to "business" meetings. There is such a thing as "On stage" and "Off stage". If we worked as hard as he does we might look tired too. I didn't see that he looked tired. He looked relaxed and was apparently enjoying a conversation.