Friday, July 31, 2009

Nature and the Manilow World: The Queen Bee

In this Manilow world that we slip into now and then, there is a certain creature that appears over and over. It is what is known as the Queen Bee. With such a short life span, this Queen Bee must do her work quickly before she is replaced by a stronger version of herself. Her life goes something like this:

The successful Queen Bee proclaims to know all things Manilow. What she doesn’t know, she makes up. Some Queens believe they know all things. This Queen Bee is the Manilow protector. Anything she perceives as negative regarding Mr. Manilow must be attacked at all cost. Manilow far surpasses a mere human, and mere humans must not dare to say anything less than glowing regarding this man of perfection. Humor is not a strong point of a Queen Bee, that is, unless it is her humor. All Queen Bees must have a kingdom to rule over. This is the scary part. She manages to gather workers under her.

These workers are the faithful. Accepting the Queen as their leader, they believe and uphold anything the Queen Bee decrees. An independent thinker is not welcomed in a Queen Bee’s hive; no matter how much the Queen proclaims that all are welcome and equal in her kingdom. The welcome only applies to the ones who become her workers keeping to her laws and commands. Everyone else need not apply. That’s where the problems start. Some workers begin to see past the Queen Bee facade to what she really is – a power hungry woman looking for control. As the rebellion grows, the Queen loses her all important control. Amazingly, Queen Bees are very resilient.

Some of the Queen Bees manage to stay in control for a very long time, or the hive breaks up. In either case, the Queen Bee must keep doing one important task-- recruiting new workers. Sad to say, there are always followers to be had for the asking. This time, the Queen Bee becomes picky about who she lets in her hive, having learned from experience. She wants no more rebellion among her workers. It’s useless. Wanting more and more power, the Queen Bee will again make the same mistakes. Her hive will under go many reconfigurations, only to re-emerge in an altered state. One thing will remain a constant; the Queen will be the ruler, until she finally loses her kingdom to another stronger Queen. That is the life cycle of a Queen Bee. How many Queen Bees do you know in the Manilow world?


Sue said...

**Note: Due to technical problems, I had to post this comment on my account.

It seems to me you've aspired to be one of those Queen Bees, but never fully achieved such status. What else could explain your incessant lamentations against the Manilow World? You've stated you're weaning yourself from the MMN, yet you return repeatedly to let us know you've donned your blogger cap, & have written another deprecating blog. You seem to be a jealous, very bitter woman, Sue. Perhaps for your sake, you should stay far, far away from the MMN to save yourself some angst.


texas_fan said...

Looks like one of the worker bees has commented. They always betray themselves. It's such a shame but your blog is SPOT ON! Personally, I've know quite a few of them in the last few years and you're right, they are constantly recruiting. The network is the perfect place for that. Under the shelter of the hive so to speak.

A Real Barry Fan said...

Right on Sue, you are so RIGHT! Seems like Queen Carol has left the hive to buzz around your blog for awhile. Hoping for some new recruits?? LOL! This is SO PERFECT. I hope all the Queens in ManilowLand recognizes themselves here...