Saturday, July 17, 2010

Privacy on the Internet?

Is there such a thing as privacy on the Internet? No. This past week there was a discussion on My Manilow Network about how a picture some lady took was posted on another site without her permission. She ranted about getting a lawyer and the whole thread turned into a name calling bash of alt. fan Barry Manilow. (While this person never came right out and said what group, it was pretty easy to figure out; everyone knew what group she was talking about.) This fan needs to do some research. Picture can’t be posted to alt. fan. It’s a binary group. Images can’t be posted there. All someone can do is post a link to a picture. She put her picture out there. That means she opened the door for anyone with the knowledge of right clicking a mouse access to her picture. How many times do people have to hear this before they believe it – once anything is posted on the Internet control is lost? Now this person is only going to post a link to her blog on MMN. She also isn’t going to allow comments. Next time you have a picture you don’t want retrieved by anyone, don’t post it. That’s the only way to avoid the problem.

Another privacy issue concerns MMN. It is now a “closed” website. MMN can only be seen by individuals whose passwords allows them to log in. Don’t confuse “closed” with “private.” “Closed” means the site is passworded. That doesn’t mean members can’t take posts off the site and post them on other sites. That is happening all the time. Is it fair, or ethical? Who can say? It’s not good net etiquette but when has that stopped anything? MMN is no longer available for viewing by anyone surfing the web like alt. fan is but it is also not private. Why? Because, and I’ll say it yet again, there’s no such thing as privacy on the Internet.


MaryBarryCrueltyFree! said...

Sue - I agree with you. 100 percent.

Sheron said...

You said, "Picture can’t be posted to alt. fan. It’s a binary group. Images can’t be posted there."

Actually, is a NON-binary USENET newsgroup. That's why photos cannot be posted there.

Non-binary = No images

There are thousands of binary newsgroups where millions of images are posted. But I don't believe Google Groups gives access to them. I think they only give access to text newsgroups. You'd have to get a news reader for those.

As to the privacy issue, as Garry Kief likes to say, "Nothing is private on the Internet."

redcat said...

Redcat says, Right ON Sue! I won't start a flame here, but we all know what is. And, there IS no private on the internet. Some of us found out the hard way. That's why I've been gone for sooo long from the blog venue.

Thanks for your post!!